General conditions for tour bus / package travel







These terms regulate the rights and obligations that apply between the tour operator and the traveler. We are based on the current "General Terms and Conditions for Package Travel" from the Norwegian Consumer Agency. The terms and conditions apply to package travel that falls under the definition in the Package Travel Act of 25.08.95, §2-1, with subsequent amendments.


Upon registration, the traveler pays an advance of 10% per person, however a minimum of NOK: 1000, - The remaining amount for the trip must be paid no later than 45 days before departure. If registration takes place later than 45 days before departure, the full amount of the trip is paid. Registrations are binding, and late payment is always considered a material default and gives the organizer the right to cancel the order.


Special attention is drawn to the fact that the traveler must provide a valid passport, any visa, vaccinations and desired insurance. Travelers from countries other than Norway must be particularly aware that different rules may apply than for Norwegian citizens, and must be responsible for examining which rules apply. The age limit for traveling with us abroad alone without a parent is 18 years, but from the age of 16 you can travel alone provided that there is written permission from the parent or guardian.


The traveler can cancel the trip before departure according to the following rules:

If canceled more than 45 days before departure against payment of an administration fee of NOK 500 per person.

In case of cancellation from 45 to 30 days before departure, we keep the advance paid.

If canceled later than 14 days before departure, the entire trip will be charged for the price of the trip.

4. If the traveler does not show up on departure, or lacks the necessary documents to participate in the trip, the entire price of the trip will be charged.

When one or more in the same travel party cancels and the price of the trip is based on two or more people disposing of the same room or apartment, we have the right to charge a supplement for the remaining people in accordance with current price lists.


Any travel insurance normally provides the traveler with cover for cancellation if before departure there is a sudden and serious illness, accidental injury or death of the traveler himself, in his household or immediate family (spouse, cohabitant, children, parents, in-laws or siblings) that prevents or makes it is unreasonable for the traveler to complete the trip (may vary from insurance to insurance). The condition must normally be documented with a medical certificate, issued on a special form approved by the Norwegian Medical Association and the Norwegian Travel Industry Association. The traveler must notify us as soon as possible after the incident that the trip is canceled. All our travelers are required to take out travel insurance (see section below on travelers' obligations), and most travel insurances include cancellation insurance. If, contrary to expectation, you should not have cover for cancellation in your travel insurance, we would recommend contacting your insurance company to have this added to your travel insurance, or possibly considering changing travel insurance. Our insurance partner Tryg offers a travel insurance where this is included.


Up to 30 days before departure, the traveler can change their booking free of charge if it does not incur additional costs. Any additional costs for us as a result of the change must be expected to be paid by the traveler. Changes required later than 30 days before departure, we can consider as cancellation and new booking. We reserve the right to make necessary changes to our partners and subcontractors in order to accommodate requests for change.




We reserve the right to change prices that may occur due to new or increased taxes and fees, changed exchange rates, or similar circumstances that we do not have at our disposal or should have anticipated. Change in price will not occur later than 20 days before departure. A price increase of more than 10% of the agreed purchase price gives you as a customer the right to withdraw from the agreement at no cost to you.


The traveler must pay the agreed fee no later than at the time stipulated in our terms. The traveler is obliged to have valid travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip, which among other things covers delays, luggage and valuables, travel sickness and home transport, travel interruptions, liability, etc. Anyone who reports someone on a trip must take responsibility for the traveler being able to manage on their own and must not act in such a way that it is a nuisance to fellow travelers. The traveler must in principle be self-sufficient or have their own companion. If the traveler grossly neglects his duties, he may be refused to participate or excluded from the rest of the trip, without being able to claim a refund from us. In the event of exclusion after the journey has begun, the traveler may be ordered to bear the costs of the journey home. The traveler can be made liable for damages if he / she intentionally or negligently inflicts losses on us, among other things by not complying with the provisions as mentioned above. The traveler must provide the necessary documents for the trip (passport, visa, certificates, etc.), take out the insurance he wants (minimum travel insurance with cancellation protection). Furthermore, the traveler is obliged to settle for extra bills incurred along the way, such as e.g. minibar, telephone, etc. If this is not settled along the way, and is charged to us, we will have to re-invoice this for a fee of NOK 100 per extra bill. Contact information It is your responsibility to provide the correct name, mobile phone number and e-mail address for sending travel documents / confirmation. RunWay disclaims responsibility for any errors in travel documents where the travel confirmation does not arrive pgafeilname / mobile phone number / e-mail address


If there is not a sufficient number of participants, we will not be able to complete the trip. Cancellation must in that case take place no later than 14 days before the departure date.



Conditions that you do not control and that you could not have foreseen when registration became binding, such as war or state of war, natural disaster, epidemic, labor disputes and similar conditions (force majeure) that make it difficult or inadvisable to complete the journey. We will notify the traveler of the cancellation as soon as possible. When a trip is canceled, the traveler is entitled to a full refund of the price of the trip. Beyond this, the traveler can not make a claim, unless he has suffered a loss due to our fault or negligence.


Complaints about deficiencies in connection with accommodation, food, etc. must be submitted immediately to our driver, tour guide or representative on site. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to invoke the defect. Otherwise, an appeal must be submitted no later than 14 days after returning home, unless special reasons make it reasonable to extend the appeal deadline. Comments on submitted questionnaires or the like that are handed out during the trip are not registered or perceived as a written complaint.


If there is a disagreement between us and the traveler about the understanding of this contract or our travel terms in general, and the dispute can not be resolved amicably, the traveler can bring the case before the Complaints Board for corporate travel, Postboks 2924, Solli, 0230 OSLO - tel. .: 22 54 60 02, within 4 weeks after the final answer from the organizer is available and the organizer has informed about this deadline. Both the traveler and we can bring the Complaints Board's decision before ordinary courts. The buyer accepts BergenTingrett as the right venue. Every lawsuit against us or agency shall be regulated in accordance with Norwegian law. RunWay has provided the necessary guarantees to the Travel Guarantee Fund.


We reserve the right to make changes that may occur after the program has been printed and which will then be announced through attachments / special prints or a separate letter to the participants, and about changes in the itinerary that may occur in the event of unforeseen events. We must also make reservations about changes in prices and conditions after the program for the trip has been prepared and any printing errors.


Read this carefully before packing your suitcase:


Always remember to bring identification with a photo, driver's license, bank card, etc. On all trips abroad, you must also have a passport. On the trips that come to countries that require a passport and possibly a visa, we ask you to check in particular and well in advance that you have the necessary paperwork in order. Information regarding passports and visas is based on the customer having Norwegian citizenship. Expenses for passports, visas, etc. are not included in the price of the trip, and it is the traveler's responsibility that the necessary documents are in order before departure. People with passports from other countries must ask for help to find out if there are other rules for them.


We mainly use 3 or more star hotels with good recommendations on our travels. Rooms can vary in size. On our trips, it is usually included half board, ie breakfast and dinner consisting of main course and dessert. What is specifically included on each trip is described in the tour programs. Drinks with meals are not included and must be paid by each individual. In some hotels in Europe, one must be prepared for a simpler breakfast than what we are used to from Norway.


On trips where night sailing is included, we recommend that you bring a small bag / travel bag containing toiletries, change of clothes, etc. The main luggage can then be left in the bus and you do not have to carry heavy luggage up in the boat and through long gangways.


On board the buses it is non-smoking, but we stop along the way at regular intervals. We basically book non-smoking rooms, so please let us know if you want a room allowed for smoking when booking (we can unfortunately not guarantee that it can be obtained).


Unfortunately, it happens that things are forgotten along the way. Something disappears forever, while other things come to fruition. An important prerequisite for getting lost luggage back is to ensure good marking with address labels, etc. We also ask our travelers to check hotel rooms, etc. well before leaving. Things that are forgotten, we are of course helpful in requesting, but we reserve the right to charge the customer with actual expenses such as postage.


If you travel alone and do not have someone to share a room with, we unfortunately have to charge for single room supplements. It is possible to book 1/2 double room if there are 2 people wanting to share. Please let us know when registering, but it is not the organizer's duty to find someone you can share with.


On our trips, the driver / tour guide will encourage a daily change of seat on the bus along the way. It will not normally be possible to reserve specific seats on the bus, but we try our best to meet requests that are made. Participants suffering from car sickness are advised to consult a doctor for a suitable preparation.


On most trips, a bed in an internal double cabin with shower / WC is included. The cabins may vary somewhat depending on which boat is used. The cabins are also located on different decks, but unless otherwise stated, we only use cabins over car tires. For the most part, you can order single cabins for an additional fee. If you travel alone and do not want single cabins, you must plan to share a cabin with a stranger of the same sex.


As a result of the EEA agreement, during a temporary stay in an EEA / EU country, you have the right to medical treatment in line with the country's own residents in a public hospital if you need immediate help. If a private hospital were to be the closest, you yourself will be financially responsible. You must document your right by submitting a European Health Insurance Card. You order this from Helfo on the website: The traveler is responsible for ensuring that this is in order. Please note that the European Health Card does not cover home transport and the cost of medicines. Then you must also have travel insurance.


The traveler must make sure to bring the necessary medication during the trip. This also applies to necessary / recommended vaccines before the journey starts. Check for what they recommend.


Goods subject to customs duties, such as cigarettes, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, etc. purchased abroad, must be brought as hand luggage through customs in Norway. You can take more with you than the duty-free quota dictates, but then you have to go to the red zone, state the extra quota and clear it. The tour guide will often be able to inform you about what you can take with you and how much, but this is your own responsibility.


The individual must be able to follow the instructions that are given with regard to attendance, departure times, etc. that are given by the tour guide / driver during the trip or that appear in the tour program, travel documents, etc. If for any reason they need assistance in connection with the trip, this must be arranged by the traveler himself. If a trip cannot be carried out in accordance with the travel plan as a result of delays and difficulties associated with the individual guest not being able to comply with our regulations and instructions, we have the right to cancel the trip for this guest. In such cases, we have no financial responsibility. The person who registers a guest is responsible for the guest meeting the requirements.


Remember that when you are traveling, you can get to, for you, unknown places. That's just the point of traveling. Always be careful in unknown places and take your precautions. Never go to places that can be unsafe to travel. Handbags, wallets, etc. are objects thieves like well - so think about how to store money, credit cards, passports and other valuables. It is also wise to be careful with alcohol when you are in foreign places, especially if you are alone.



RunWay is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund . The purpose of the travel guarantee scheme is to insure the customer who has purchased package travel against loss in the event of bankruptcy, composition or insolvency with the organizer. According to the law, the customer is secured when buying package holidays if the organizer has provided a guarantee in Norway. The fund thus pays back advances that the customer has paid in when a trip is canceled. In the event of a travel interruption, the part of the consideration that corresponds to unfulfilled benefit is paid. Furthermore, expenses for accommodation and return journey are covered if the return journey is part of the package tour. It is also recommended that everyone has taken out a travel insurance with their chosen insurance company, in addition to the health insurance card HELFO which is issued by HELFO Norway ( Every traveler is obliged to have this in place before and during the trip.