Additional measures against Covid-19

We choose to post information to you about the situation in our company per. today, about what measures we have implemented and what will happen in the future.


Due to the Corona virus, we at RunWay Turbuss have introduced extra measures to prevent the spread of infection. This is to make customers and colleagues feel safe. In addition, we are in dialogue with all the authorities involved, and take all necessary precautions that they recommend us to take, and that we follow developments closely.


Measures introduced to prevent spread:


  • We use the Ozone generator, which is used in all buses everyday, which removes all of the bacteria and viruses in the air, and all surfaces in the bus.

  • Extra washing and disinfection of the buses. This is done several times a day.

  • Carpets and curtains in the buses have been removed, if desired.

  • All passengers are told to use the rear entrance / exit in the bus.

  • All buses have been equipped with antibac.

  • We have also introduced measures among our drivers that they avoid larger crowds as much as possible and limit contact between them.

We work with the introduction of skills development and other measures that both strengthen us, and make the individual employee even better equipped for assignments in the future for our customers.