Day trip to Lekve farm

lekve gard.jpg

Some claim that winter is a boring time. When Christmas is over, it takes many weeks before the light and spring return. We at RunWay want to spread light and joy in everyday life, even in these times. We therefore have the pleasure of inviting you on a great day trip to Ulvik and Lekve Gard. Nils Lekve runs an apple farm in Ulvik, which has belonged to the family for generations. Based on this, and long side traditions, his farm today stands out as one of the leading sides producers in Norway.

We will here experience plenty of tasting of sides in all varieties. In addition, we get a nice tour of the production, and finally a great dinner with dessert and coffee. On this trip, RunWay will present its travel catalog for 2021, and some selected trips. There will also be singing and music. We hope you will join us on the trip, and feel free to bring a friend, or five. All this you get for NOK; 1150, - (member of the RunWay club NOK; 990, -)

Travel information:
 Day trip as described
 Bus from RunWay with extremely skilled driver
 Upcoming tour guide from RunWay
 Side tasting incl. Liquor at Lekve Gard
 Guided tour of Lekve Gard
 Dinner and dessert


Departure Bergen and surroundings 04.02.2021